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Okay, it's confusing, It will be replaced.  may take a while, but...

Welcome to

This page is under active revision.

Looking for sites I run? try:

More are on the way, yeah I know, but really, it's true....

The Blog is now @ and respectively.
Hey, if you can't beat 'em....


Here is my YouTube player, I've been doing a bit of video production lately...but this isn't it, you have to dig around a bit for that. anyhow, have a look.

  So, how did you wind up here? I began this site (in this carnation, there were others) some time back in 2003 I think...

I can't imagine what else anyone might want         : )

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On Tuesday Mar 30 2010 at 0:37:23 Hours, Mountain Time (GMT -07:00),

DosDog posted;

testing Nassau Design

On Monday Jul 8 2013 at 22:31:54 Hours, Mountain Time (GMT -07:00),

Jacie posted;

That's a genuinely impressive asnewr.

On Tuesday Jul 9 2013 at 0:33:59 Hours, Mountain Time (GMT -07:00),

Pebbles posted;

Glad I've finally found soemthnig I agree with!




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